The association

The association Help4Nepal has its origin in a private initiative, which started supporting Nepal after the devastating earthquake in April 2005. Nepal is a very poor country - the state does not have the necessary funds to support the population. We knew that the people in Nepal needed permanent, sustainable and immediate help in order to improve the living situation.

In order to achieve this goal, the associationn Help4Nepal e.V. was founded on June 21, 2017.

The purpose of the association is to support and to help the people in need in Nepal, especially the children and young people regardless of their gender, caste or religion.


Help4Nepal e.V. was recognized as a non-profit association by the German tax authorities.

One central issue of the association is to support the educational system in Nepal in order to an able a future for the children and young people. Education is the foundation for the future development of the country through the population.

The complete articles of the association can be found here  (German only).

Help currently needed!

Approximately 30% of the planned costs are currently missing for the ongoing project to build a school hostel (details of the project can be found here). If everyone contributes a small part, we can all do something about poverty in Nepal by supporting local education directly.

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