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Hostel for students

Especially in the Himalaya region many children can not go to school, because they live in areas which can only be reached by foot or which are not within walking distance.

Our project will enable children who – live in very isolated parts of the scattered rural community Samundratar – to go to school, have accommodation in the hostel, a place to study and facilities to feed themselves.

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Taking measurements of the building site:

Ausmessen der Baustelle

Meeting with the School Management Co­mi­tee:

Besprechung mit dem Schulmanagement-Komitee

Professor Schwing from Karlsruhe University of Applied Science taking measurements:

Professor Schwing beim Maßnehmen

A guard of honour by the students when starting the project on 25.9.2019:

Spalier und Klatschen zum Empfang

Aid after the earthquake 2015

We provided first aid and assistances for the village Dhawa (Gorkha District) right after the earthquake on April 25th in 2015. The village was very close to the epicenter of the earthquake. Dhawa is the home town of our mountain guide Prem Bastakoti. 

The call for help was: “My own house as well as all the village is completely destructed nothing is left with us. We lost all the cattles, house and even lifes. We have nothings left only our body we, are survive.”


Marcello and Thomas have slept in this ‘Hotelʼ six months before the earthquake in October 2015. It was less than 10km away from the epicenter.

With the help of 4000€ from private sponsors we were able to organize off-the-cuff rice, lentils, sugar, salt, oil and open tents. 

The support of students and the school of Samundratar 

Many students werenʼt able to go to school after the earthquake because neither the school fee nor the money for the obligatory school uniform was available. Most of the families los their few belongings. In the summer of 2015 our organization decided to equip the school ʼRukmani Higher Secondary School‘ in the village Samundaratur (District Nowakot) with 400 school uniforms. The materials for the uniform were bought in Kathmandu and the local tailors of the village manufactured the shirts, blouses and trousers customized. In addition to that every student was given a backpack for all their exercise books and school books which they had to carry under their arms before. 

We provided two used laptops and one projector for the whole school, in order for the students as well as their parents to be able to have access to the internet and other media. 

New uniform in pink and grey

Thomas Kappenbergerpassing out new backpacks

Handing over laptops to the principal

Students on their way home

In order to provide a sustainable support for the students in need during their time in school we pay the school fees every school year in equal parts for the girls and boys (currently 16). 

A look into an empty and barred classroom with the most simple equipment

A look into a classroom during a lesson

The teacher's room

Marcello reparing  PCs in the so called ‘computer room‘

One look into the poor looking kindergarten/nursery school. It has two rooms and it belongs to the school. Because of the equipment it can be seen as a preschool rather than a kindergarten/nursery school with a place for creativity and time to play. There are hardly any methodological-didactic toys.

Curious for the brought along and creative toys (Flowers which can be stacked into each other)

In this area we want to build a hostel for up to 50 students. It is meant for all the children and young adults who live far away from the school, so they can sleep and eat at the hostel during the week and on school days. 

Right now they have to rent a room or only a bed for a relatively big amount of money at residents of the village. 


Help currently needed!

Approximately 30% of the planned costs are currently missing for the ongoing project to build a school hostel (details of the project can be found here). If everyone contributes a small part, we can all do something about poverty in Nepal by supporting local education directly.

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